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    Unable to select layout from layout list


      Product and version

      FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.4

      OS and version

      Windows 8


      When selecting layouts using the layout menu, no matter what layout you select from the "outer level" (i.e. not in a subfolder) you get the last layout in the list. It seems to be related to having a large number of layouts.


      See the picture: It claims to be showing Housing Summer Capacity - TEMP

      Layout list - 2016-02-12_11-52-24.png


      while it is actually showing

      Actual layout - 2016-02-12_11-52-56.png

      This goes for selecting the layout (no matter what you select you get the last) or the display of the check mark next to the selected layout (which will claim to be showing the last layout even if that isn't true).


      Use Manage Layouts... and open the layout from that window.