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Send Event - Command is unavailable Win 10

Question asked by RussW on Feb 13, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2016 by RussW

When I try to print a document, on any drive, I get the error that the command is not available because I have the wrong operating system or I am operating in the wrong mode. When I try and open the document, no problem. It's just printing.


Send Event ( "aevt" ; "pdoc" ; $file ) where $file = filewin:/E:/OneDrive/Documents/filename.pdf"


I checked that the file is there and it is OK. I wrote a 1-line script with just the send event command. No luck.


I moved the file to a place on the C: drive where it is not hidden by permissions. Nothing.


I never had this problem until I upgraded to Win 10.


Does anyone have this problem or know what might be wrong?