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Save WebDirect to PDF

Question asked by martintcard on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by dougnewnham

For our project, we are using FileMaker to generate documents for faxing.  We have a database set up of fax "orders".  The process is supposed to go something like this:


1. Process scans order database for approved fax orders

2. Process calls WebDirect with Order_Id from the database (we are using the old version that allows passing parameters) which generates the form.

3. The process takes the resultant WebDirect page and saves it as a PDF.

4. Another process comes along later, picks up the generated PDFs, and faxes them.


Unfortunately, we cannot use the client for scripting due to security concerns of a dummy account always being logged in.  Therefore, we have gone with WebDirect instead.


The problem is, we are not able to take a document displayed in WebDirect and successfully save it as a PDF.  We have tried may different methods and 3rd party controls, but the best we can do is save a page "loading" icon.  Most are blank.  Not even putting in a manufactured wait has made a difference.  We can't seem to even print it from the browser either, as it only prints a single page (I'm assuming it's a control on the page, and the browsers are printing the control, rather than the control contents).


Is this even possible using WebDirect?  If not, is it possible at all using some other resource within FileMaker server?  Basically, we need an automated solution to scan records in a table for use those ids to generate a page and save a subsequent PDFs.   And we cannot use the client.


We are licensed for the latest version.