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Custom Web Publishing, XML and table names

Question asked by steveR4 on Feb 12, 2016
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I'm using FileMaker Server Custom Web Publishing interfacing though XML.


Not a show stopper but... the use of duplicated tables in the database relationships graph with different names e.g. "Customer Invoices" "Customer Invoices 2" can result the following XML (snippet) for portals:


<fmresultset ...>




    <relatedset-definition table="Customer Invoices">

      <field-definition name="Customer Invoices 2::Invoice Number" ...


In most cases with portals the <relatedset table=X> and <field-definition name=Y::field-name> result in the same X and Y. Unfortunately I have instances where this difference occurs.


It would be nice (for me) if the table and name matched - given the creative nature of table naming in the database relationships when tables are copied.


Is this (understandable) mismatch by design? Is it possible to get the names of all the tables from the Manage Database Relationships graph via XML?