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    Mac to Windows?


      Using FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced on a Mac, I’ve created and maintained a database with a few layouts. A person using a Windows PC is to take over this responsibility. Will they be able to open and import the Mac file into FileMaker for Windows? If so, which version of FileMaker Pro for Windows is required?

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          the file extension should be .fp7, so FM 10 or 11 would open. However, the file(s) can be converted to .fmp12 (FM12, FM13 & FM14) and work 'as is' (mostly) but will no longer be opened in with FM < 12.


          The *latest* version usually has the most features. I do have FM 11-14 on my development machine for clients. I do not, however convert until the client does (and most are moving to 14).




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            There is no Mac or Windows version of a FileMaker file; there is no conversion.

            It just works.

            Though you may observe some differences in layout appearance due to slightly different rendering of fonts.

            As for the version of the application - FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced - yes, there are Mac and Windows versions as Bev mentions.

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              Remember to


              Show/Hide Toolbars [ Lock ; Hide ] 


              unless you love flipping through your records with the mouse scroll wheel, instead of scrolling the window.

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                One more reason to create layouts that NOONE has to scroll in.

                (Except for list view, but that's not where the problem is.)

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                  Other things to consider...


                  If you have scripts that perform exports/imports, using "fixed" filepaths and filenames, the file path and filename will need to be changed.


                  Yes, fonts will render differently, which can sometimes cause the text on layouts to be cut off or wrap down to the next line.

                  Also worth considering is print layouts... different printers have different print drivers which means that sometimes print layouts can differ from one platform to another.


                  Colours often look very different from Mac to Windows.


                  Windows appear slightly differently on Windows - on the Mac, there is a Window that represents what appears in FileMaker. On Windows, there is the application window, then the FileMaker window inside that. Mac displays multiple windows in filemaker better than in Windows because of this.

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                    There is absolutely no excuse for this idiocy. One can touch the scroll wheel by accident and find himself on a different record.

                    No, really, no excuse. It's the WORST blunder in the history of man-machine interaction.

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                      even more annoying is the introduction of this into FM14 on the Mac. Scrolling records AND pinch to zoom...


                      despite me being a mac user now since 1986 and having used a track pad since the Powerbook first came out with them...


                      I still get frustrated with these stupid implementations, especially when you can't turn them off


                      <<end of rant>>