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Dynamic selections in a Value List

Question asked by maestrodevelopment on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2016 by macwombat

I have a table for Contacts.  Each Contact has both a Record Serial number (assigned by the system) and an Owner Serial number.  There are system owned contacts each with a different Record Serial number and they have an Owner Serial number of 999.  Contacts can also be created and managed by an owner in which case they have that person's Record Serial number in the Owner Serial number field. 


Example Jane has a Record Serial of 123 but it was set up by the System Administrator and so her record Owner Serial is 999.  She sets up 2 Contacts which get unique Record Serials but their Owner Serial is 123.  Only she can access these "personal records."


Fred is Record Serial 456 with Owner Serial 999.  He too has "personal records with unique Record Serials and Owner Serial 456.




When Jane uses the the Value List she needs to  see only records with Owner Serial 999 and 123.  AND When Fred uses the the Value List, he needs to see only records with Owner Serial 999 and 456.  Since this is multi-user, both Jane and Fred could be accessing a Value list at the same time but their selections need to dynamically meet the owner criteria.


I have not been too successful making this work.  Suggestions?