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Auto-Enter calc philosophical / technical question.

Question asked by brsamuel on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell

First the situation:  I am supporting & continuing to develop in a solution that I did not originally create.  In order to give the user the opportunity to preserve a "snapshot" of data at a given point in time, a found set of record is being copied to another table.  My predecessor created the snapshot table with a great many Auto-Enter calculations based on the source table's fields.  Thus, once a record is created across the appropriate relationship, most of the work of copying data happens automatically.


My question for the community is this: Would you consider this a good method, an ill-advised method, or simply another way to skin the proverbial feline?


My inclination is to leave the schema as simple as possible, and script the process with multiple Set Field steps.  Some fields are already being modified from their source at the time of creation to provide for reporting and other purposes, such as a status field being converted from an ID number, to its english form.


On the strictly technical side, is there a performance penalty using one method over another?  The user is typically creating 50-150 records, and I am using a PSOS script to do the real work.