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Can't Open FMP

Question asked by lynnelemoine2 on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by CarstenLevin

I am new here - first day.  I have someone creating a database for my church cemetery which I am the administrator for.  I purchased FMP14 last year and we gone through about 3 revisions. It is about where I want it to be and planned on spending the weekend entering data.  I entered a little during the week and had no problems.  Yesterday I could not open FMP and/or the database.  When opening FMP I see nothing and if I go to the database I get the window up for the password but once the password is entered and I click OK it disappears as it should but the database does not open.


The last version of FMP I used was 5 - he originally created a database for the cemetery in the early 2000s.  I had no need to do anything else in FMP 14 so the only thing saved in FMP is the database - 3 different versions.


I uninstalled FMP and reinstalled it and that did not solve the problem.  The person doing my database uses MAC (which I wish I did) but I'm on an HP with Windows 8.1 at both the church/cemetery and at home.  I am having no problems with Word, Excel, Publisher or getting on line.


If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it very much