When creating summary field. The field I want to count is greyed out.

Discussion created by jcondle on Feb 12, 2016
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I have two fields in my database  I want to count.


1. cpratt = 1 or 0  1= did cps

2. surv  = 1, 0      1= pt survived


On initial database creation both fields were imported as text.

I realized I would like to count both of them in a report so I changed them to number.

I have verified both fields are number and I also reported the data from the csv file.

The report I am trying to make is to show by year how many times bystander cpr was done and how may pt survived.

I realize count of would not give me the right result.


created a summary field sumSurv   count of   surv.  no problem

created a summary field sumCPR   count of  carpet  cpratt field is greyed out.