Switch From List To Detail Layout Goes To Wrong Record

Discussion created by Get(3rdRockData) on Feb 13, 2016
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Here's the scenario:

  1. After a scripted perform find runs I end up with a found set in list view. Record 1 is the active record, as expected.
  2. If I click on a button in a record row that runs a script that switches to detail layout, it switches layouts but displays the first record regardless of the record I click on

This behavior only occurs when I click on the button immediately after a new found set is created. If I wait a couple of seconds it goes to the correct record. Also, once this happens, all subsequent clicks on the button in list view take me to the correct record. But if I create a new found set and click immediately on the button, on say the 5th or 10th record, it switches to detail view but it's on the first record, not the 5th or 10th.

Below is a screenshot of a section of the list view to help make things more clear. Imagine this is a newly created found set. As you can see, SD3 Arugula Roquette Jumbo is the 1st and active record ... completely expected. If I were to click immediately on the green arrow button on the second record, SD31 Lettuce Buttercrunch ...., the script would switch layout to a detail view layout, but record 1, SD3 Arugula Roquette Jumbo would show as the current record. Same applies if I clicked on the 3rd or 4th record.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 4.35.57 PM.png

As I said, if I wait a couple of seconds I don't get this behavior.


Here's what else might be helpful in figuring out the problem:

  1. A script trigger fires on record load in list view, but that only installs a custom menu set
  2. I can't replicate it when running Script Debugger. Doing so seems to give FMP time to catch up and figure out which record it's on
  3. I verified the button object with the arrow icon is 100% contained within the row, i.e. it's not hanging out of the body layout part
  4. Once this happens I cannot get it to repeat regardless of how fast I click unless I create a new found set, then it occurs the first time only again


FM Version: FileMaker Pro & Advanced, 14.0.4

OS: OS X 10.11.3 and Windows 7 Professional


Happens when I try with our client's version that's hosted with an FM hosting provider (over WAN, but performance is pretty decent), and it happens on a Dev version hosted in-house over our LAN (excellent performance)


Our client keeps editing the wrong records because of this and we can't figure out how to fix it. Has anyone seen this behavior?