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Multi-user Global Field Collisions?

Question asked by SteveFransen on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2016 by fxdb

This script finds records dynamically. It is called using an OnObjectModify script trigger set for System::SearchData so it fires each time a character is typed into System::SearchData.


System::SearchData and System::Count are global fields. In the case where I'm using this script to find ICD10 codes the find request is: ICD10::ICD10LongDescription = *$SearchData*


Will unexpected behavior occur in a multi-user environment If two users are using this script simultaneously? In other words, will their simultaneous use of System::SearchData and System::Count collide or do they each have their own "instance" of System::SearchData and System::Count?





Ps. The ICD10 Code table has just over 85,000 records. I'm definitely open to suggestions if there's a better, faster, way to dynamically search tables with large numbers of records... especially since I'd like to do this from FIleMaker Go over a WAN.