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Multi-user Global Field Collisions?

Question asked by SteveFransen on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2016 by S W

This script finds records dynamically. It is called using an OnObjectModify script trigger set for System::SearchData so it fires each time a character is typed into System::SearchData.


System::SearchData and System::Count are global fields. In the case where I'm using this script to find ICD10 codes the find request is: ICD10::ICD10LongDescription = *$SearchData*


Will unexpected behavior occur in a multi-user environment If two users are using this script simultaneously? In other words, will their simultaneous use of System::SearchData and System::Count collide or do they each have their own "instance" of System::SearchData and System::Count?





Ps. The ICD10 Code table has just over 85,000 records. I'm definitely open to suggestions if there's a better, faster, way to dynamically search tables with large numbers of records... especially since I'd like to do this from FIleMaker Go over a WAN.