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    FM Server


      Good Morning!


      I have FM Pro Server installed a a PowerMac.  From my other machines on my local network (running FM Pro) they all connect perfectly.


      If I am traveling, say with a MacBook Air running FM Pro, will I be able to connect to my FM Pro Server file by using my "Back to My Mac" feature?


      (The particular databases are all too complex to rely on Web Connect.)



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          Get a cheap MacMini, put it in your network, put filemaker on it, put TeamViewer on it, TV into it from wherever you are.

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            Thanks so much for your reply.  But my question remains...  so if anyone else can chime in, Id be grateful.

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              I've never used it for this purpose, but I don't see why not. Assuming you use the screen sharing feature, you just log in and work as if you were sitting at your mac. You wouldn't use the FileMaker client on the laptop; instead, you'd log in and use the client on your PowerMac. Is your router configured properly to allow screen sharing to function using Back to My Mac?


              Since it's a screen and file sharing utility, I doubt it would be able to connect through the FileMaker client on the laptop. But the simple solution to that is, try it!  

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                Yes, you can use back to my mac, but you should test which road gives you better results. In any case, you don't want to use your real server as the client you connect to. Leave that server alone and let it do its job; connect to another computer on your local network which is running Filemaker Pro and is connected to your FM Server.

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                  Why not just use open remote?

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                    With TeamViewer you can connect to your Mac from a Windows computer, too. You can also connect to a Windows computer from your Mac, of course. We do that all the time because medical equipment often comes with a Win computer running some proprietary software, so we have a Corporate License, but you can go with much less. And these guys know their stuff, it's their core business and they optimized it to the bone. Try both out and see for yourself.

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                      because you will need a VPN to start with, that's the easy part, but then you don't want to be the weakest link on your company's network, slowing everybody down just because you're displaying an unstored sales sum in a WiFi-equipped Starbucks in Montana, after you have sent half your sales data plus n fields indexes plus the next 20 fields plus script code plus layout info plus layout theme plus buffers to other connected databases to the one you are opening over internet to your location.


                      (Montana guys please excuse my example, North Dakota will do as well)