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    Create a calculated field based on results of multiple calculated fields data


      I need to track "current" driver status based on status of 6 other fields in a record. I am trying to create a single field that would show a line status as a number, depending on whether certain criteria on the record is filled in or not. 

      As an example, some of the fields that I use a formula on are:


      Dispatch Tme





      How can I create a single calculation field that will update anytime any data changes, and based on 6 different formulas.

      Line Status Field =

      i.e. If ( Not IsEmpty(Date) and Not IsEmpty(Driver#) and IsEmpty ( Dispatch Tme ); 1)

           If ( Not IsEmpty(Date) and Not IsEmpty(Driver#) and Not IsEmpty ( Dispatch Tme );2) etc.

      I tried to evaluate the calculation in the options, but will not accept multiple If / Then statements.

      I must be over looking the forest here - can someone lend me a hand in resolving?

      Thank you all in avance