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    FM 14 adv - can't save found set.



      I have a membership application.  Members are, for example, 'active' or 'inactive'.  I want to 'save' the current found set of Inactive Members using Save As... and I can.  But, when I import these records into another Filemaker application, I get ALL records, Active, Inactive, Members, Candidates and Others.  (65 records... not 17)


      There is a script attached to the 'Active' / 'Inactive' Navigation buttons that does an appropriate 'Find'.  Same with the Member, Candidate and Other buttons. 


      As is evident in the .png above, the find works. 


      Question:  Why doesn't SAVE AS .. save the then current found set?  Is there something else I need to do?



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          Steve Wright

          I might be way off since I don't use this feature myself, but just briefly tried it from an FM starter solution. 

          Save As "Excel" in my case.


          I noticed that on a form layout, with a portal (as in your screenshot) it also saves the related data that is on display from the portal.  It did only save the found set though, not all records.


          So with that in mind, perhaps what you likely want to do is perform the find from a layout in list / table mode and save whilst in that mode, then switch back to your form.

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            Steve, I should have more explicit.

            I need a way for a user to, from the 'source' file, produce a found set and preferably save it as a .fmpur file (using a runtime version of the app).  Then I need the user to be able to import that found set .fmpur file into the target app.


            It seems like an unnecessarily complicated method to export to a Excel and then import back again....???



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              Steve Wright

              I only referred to excel because that is what I thought you were referring to 


              So is it Save a Copy As you are referring to?  If so, yes that will save a copy of the file, with all records, layouts, scripts etc etc. (Unless you choose clone in which case, you get no data). The only other options for Save/Send As are Snapshot link and PDF, which are not supported in runtimes.


              Why not use the Export Records script step which can be set to the FileMaker Pro file format?


              • Find the records
              • Export the foundset
              • Import into target DB.
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                Stephen Huston

                Steve Wright is right. You must export the Found Records.

                Save As makes a copy of the full file, not of specific records.

                Export As saves just the data of the Current or Found records without the rest of the file structure.

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                  Yes, I can see you both are right. 


                  I appreciate the 'correction'.