iOS and FM go behavior when phone is full

Discussion created by coherentkris on Feb 14, 2016
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I've built an FM go app for collecting data.

After a bunch of functional testing on a 16gb iPhone 5s I decided to test the edge case where the iPhone free space gets smaller and look at the behavior as it gets to zero.

I started with the FM go files installed and running with about 10 gb free.

I then added garbage to the phone (pictures) until there was less than a gb but not zero free.

At some point the application would load but when i tried to capture a picture in a container field i got a warning that there was not enough free space to save the picture. There was enough free space to add records that did not have containers.

So i kept adding garbage but did not fill up the phone.

when i got to just this side of full the app would open in go but would not show any gui objects especially those that were list driven. I got free space warnings and could not add any records.

Kept adding garbage until free space was full.

At zero free space the app would not load at all and i got a free space warning from the OS.

The iOS then froze until i reboted it and did not start the app.


My questions is like to prevent users from using the app if there is non enough free space (i.e. just before the first condition is encountered).

Could i use the on first window open script to set field ( container ) to a large image, trap for errors, and let the error code tell me that there is not enough free space to run the app? what code should i trap for or will any error code be sufficient?


I'm trying to avoid corescope by Mike B.


what yall think?


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