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    Deskspace CMS - Release 2


      I am pleased to advise that Deskspace CMS v2 is now available for OS X and iOS




      Faster, easier to use, more than 100 additional features, lots and lots of flexibility, this is a show-stopping product.


      Take a look at the progression of http://www.deskspace.com up the Alexa World rankings in the six months since we adopted Deskspace CMS to build our site. This is with a web promotion budget of $0.


      Cheers, Nick



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          If your web site ranking is important to you then you may find this interesting.


          A site built with DeskspaceCMS automatically ranks very well as these recent Alexa World Web Ranking tracks show for the first four sites that have been built this way.




          1. These sites are very much faster than virtually anything else on the web with responsive content

          2. They are fully responsive

          3. They are very easy to use, whether creating or editing pages, where the content of each page is just a single text field

          4. The whole site can be re-uploaded with a single click in Windows or OSX

          5. The sites look great, and users love the simplicity and ease of navigation, so they will come back


          And all this is without a cent being paid for site promotion.


          The Alexa Chart is attached along with a shot of the recent examples page, showcased in Google's new Resizer Tool - the page itself is here




          Cheers, Nick




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            The DeskspaceCMSv2 for Microsoft Windows 10 is now available on our site for free download




            Cheers, Nick