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    Subsummary Report


      Its been a while since I've played with subsummary reports.


      I have a layout with a portal.


      How do i display the portal info in a subsummary report?


      I can get the data in the 1st portal row to display, when i sort on the related tables field, but not the rest.

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          you can't combine two tables into a single report really without a lot of work such as virtual lists.


          What might be acceptable without knowing your use case is making the report based on the same table your portal data is from, then showing the related data from the parent table in the report. This way you will guarantee seeing all of your portal records, and be able to show data related to the parents.


          Basically, reverse the context you are currently trying.

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            Awwww, Mike... but Virtual Reports and SQL are soooo much fun!