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FM Hangs -- After Large Search

Question asked by osensnolf on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by osensnolf

Yesterday I did an exact match search for 500k records.  The search took at least 6-hours to complete (as I have 18M records).


Once the search was complete, I saved the search result, named it, etc.  A few hours later, I closed FileMaker as normal.  No issues.


Today, I tried to open my database and it keeps hanging.  Every few seconds Windows will show that Filemaker has stopped responding.  If I wait, it will resume as normal for a few seconds and then loop.  I did not receive an error that it was corrupt or closed incorrectly as that did not happen.


If I open a copy of the database I made before the search, it works exactly as it should without issue.  So I know it is not an installation issue.


Why is this happening?


Is FileMaker trying to retrieve the search results that were loaded when I last closed?  If so, how can I prevent this? I have never see this issue before.


I thought that maybe if I create a new Find that only has a few results and save it, it will prevent this from happening (if it is an issue with the latest find being in the memory), but that did not help.


I could delete the current copy and go to the backup but I'd prefer to get this bug taken care of.