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    Sum field values for a filtered portal


      I have a table and layout called Entry_Form for statistics and it has a portal to a table called Conservation_data. Besides showing individual rows of the portal, I want to display some totals based on multiple criteria. I have gotten the totals to work with multiple calculations like this:

      Within the Conservation_data table the field c_v_gen_repair_sum is If (( data_type = "Treatment" ) and (data_category = "General Repair") and (data_material_type = "Volumes"); Sum ( num_items ))


      Then on the Entry_Form table I created c_v_gen_repair_total is Sum ( Conservation_data::c_v_gen_repair_sum )


      Now the only problem is my portal filters by month and year based on the month and year fields from the Entry_Form and Conservation_data tables.


      I need to figure out how to make my totals only include the sum of portal records for that month.