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    How Create Days Served



      This is my first post and I'm new to this. So be gracious with my question


      I am creating student profiles for the academy i work for. i would like for the student profiles to display the number of days we have served them. This would mean that each day the student is enrolled, the number of days severed should count upward.


      Any help with this would be great thanks

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          Create a calculation field in your database and set the calculation to be:


          Get(CurrentDate) - StoredDate


          where 'StoredDate' is what ever your field is that has the enrollement date in


          You will need to make sure the calculation is unstored (tick the "Do not store calulation results - recalculate when needed" under Storage Options on the Specify Calculation dialogue

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            You need two fields, one to store the date you started serving them, and another calculated field with a calculation of:


            get(currentdate) - yourTable::dateServed


            Where yourTable is your table name, and dateServed is the date you started serving them.


            Make sure to set the calculation to unstored, so that it always displays an updated date.

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              Thank you! this was it!


              I did not have the Storage Options properly set.