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Problem with FM 14 server, single computer deployment Mac

Question asked by MacEasy on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by MacEasy

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


I have a single computer deployment of filemaker server, but for whatever reason the web server shows up as an IP address not assigned to the computer and as a result can't get web direct deployed?


Mac OS = 10.10.4

FMServer Version = 14.04.413

IP address of computer =

Filemaker Server Status window shows IP = (i.e. local host)

Webserver shows IP =  (can't figure out where it gets this number)

Webpublishing Engine IP =


Now just as an FYI,  I was running 14.03 server and it showed the webpublishing engine -, and webserver as

But after installing the update the number reversed.  Also under 14.03 the webserver was at least running and I could draw the homepage,  now I can't get that part running.


See attached pictures of filemaker admin console and network settings, deployment & deployment error = 404.


I've deployed about a dozen filemaker 14 servers with similar setup but this is the first time I've run across this. 

I'm figuring it has to be something with webserver deployment and hoping to avoid having to reinstall OS on computer to get it fixed.