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Creating a script to export a report to a new table

Question asked by Slappyboy on Feb 16, 2016

Hi everyone,


This is my first post so If I missed anything or posted in the wrong section, apologies in advance.


I created a headcount file which will be used to determine how many agent do we have in different departments.


The file is importing records with different fields and I currently have a report layout that gives me an overview of all the departments / sites...etc.


The issue I'm facing is that every week, I'll be given a new file (to import records) and I will need to include week on week progression for the departments. For example, +4 in department 1, -2 in department 2 etc....


While I could export to excel the report, import it again in a table called current week and have another table with the previous weeks data, I could work out some calculations.


The question is: Is there a way to create a script to get the data from the report layout and put them in a specific table? Is there also a way to move the data from the current week (report already exported)  to a new table created by a script so that I could easily have historical data to work with?


I hope I am clear enough. Anyway, if anyone sees this post and have an answer, whether it is possible or not, I would really appreciate any reply.


Thank you !