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FMS 13v9 brakes relationship, what is wrong?

Question asked by NorbertLindenthal on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by NorbertLindenthal

This is my file to try:


because the IP will change every half day, here is my path, where I have actual IP an images:


My problem:


relationship from one file einseins.fmp12 to another file einszwei.fmp12 is "file:einszwei". And that is usual and works local fine.

But hosted on my FM Server 13 v 9 the relationship will be broken. And to open the other file asks to authenticate. If I try ti authenticate, I get the error -1.


My FM Server runs on iMac OS X 10.10.5 with cable to Internet with Fritz!Box 7390 with Fritz!OS 06.23


I use port 5013. That because my second FM Server 10 runs on virtual machine VMWare 7.1.1 with port 5003.

The port 5013 was well 9 month ago, when I had a projekt. Since then I updated to FMS version 9, but I could not try, whether my older project ran fine.


May be, I have to new install FMS 13v9. Or may be, that port 5013 new can not run.

Please who has some experience and can help me?


Norbert Lindenthal

(my first question here)