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    Filemaker Server 14 LDAP


      Greetings everyone!

      I'm having an odd issue with AD integration and admin console login. Within "General Settings' in the admin console I have "use external groups" selected and "Filemaker Admins" specified which shows as "Validated" when I click "Test External Group".


      Active Directory is setup as follow:

      AD group- Filemaker Admins

      AD group- Server Admins


      "Server Admins" (currently setup as a member of the Administrators group on the server) is a member of "Filemaker Admins" and they can log into the admin console with no problems however if I add a domain user to "Filemaker Admins" they fail to log in. If I take that same user that is failing to log in and make them a member of "Server Admins" they log in successfully.

      I attempted to make "Filemaker Admins" domain group a member of the Users group on the server but it had the same results when they attempted to login.

      What gives?

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          Any ideas? I'm running Server 14 (updates installed) on windows 2008R2.

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            I don't know if this is helpful.. But when I was setting up my files for authentication. I had two AD groups for authentication Admins (which had full access) and staff (data entry access). I had two AD groups setup on our 2008R2 Server. FMP.Admins and FMP.Staff


            I have both an AD adm account and my regular account. When I logged into the FMP file I was always getting the admin access, though I didn't want that. I wanted all the data entry access first. So in FMP in the file where you setup your access groups, it does matter the order in the Security/Accounts. FMP authenticates users top down. so maybe your groups are in the wrong order there for authentication.