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How can I do an estimate / quote with positions but also sub-positions?

Question asked by genelec76 on Feb 16, 2016
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I'm new in the FM Community and try to make a FM-solution for a gardening company. It should include orders, estimate, customers, invoice, plants and other products, and so on.

I'm using Filemaker pro 14 advanced

My problem I try to solve at the moment is, how to make an estimate with positions and sub-positions. I searched a lot in the net to find a solution for that, but only found estimate tips for "normal" estimates with positions.

Positions would for example be the work (task) we are doing for a specific stage, let's say for example building up a wall. A sub-position at the other hand would be the material we need for this (stones).

In the print layout, each position with its sub-position should stick together. After a small space is the next position with its sub-positions. Both, position and sub-position have a price.

At the moment I have a estimate table, a join table (line item or estimate detail) and a product table (material, tools, plants, task...)

How can I add position (task) und supposition (material) into the estimate layout so I can print it proper.


Sorry for my english and thank you for your help!