FM GO 13 and corruption

Discussion created by coherentkris on Feb 17, 2016
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I've developed a solution for iPhone that uses GoZync to collect data for a medical study at a Maryland University.


Recently some participants have been experiencing "this file is corrupted" warnings when trying to use the app.


The deployment of the app on the phones is handled by our team and they have been instructed to retrieve the phones, remove and archive the suspect phone fmp files, and reinstall from new when a participant notifies them of this error.


The phone OS and FM GO 13 (and any updates/downloads are locked out by a team member using MDM before the phone is issued to a participant.


The participants have been given training on how to close the app once any data entry piece is finished using double click home button and swipe up to close the app.


The participants have regularly scheduled, monthly, face to face appointments during there entire term but data entry cant just stop for 30 days.


Trying to coordinate retrieval of a corrupted phone file severely negatively impacts a participants willingness to continue participation in the study.


I have tried to reproduce the corruption by having the team issue me a phone and testing.


I have tested scenarios that a participant might encounter/produce in order to cause corruption and have not yet been successful.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mitigate the corruption?


Should we try to use FM GO 14 with an FMA 13 built solution?


Should we look at solutions other than FileMaker for the mobile side?


Would converting this to an iOS app with the SDK help?


Anyone from FMINC Engineering that can chime in here?


The study proponents are desperate for a solution.