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    FM GO 13 and corruption


      I've developed a solution for iPhone that uses GoZync to collect data for a medical study at a Maryland University.


      Recently some participants have been experiencing "this file is corrupted" warnings when trying to use the app.


      The deployment of the app on the phones is handled by our team and they have been instructed to retrieve the phones, remove and archive the suspect phone fmp files, and reinstall from new when a participant notifies them of this error.


      The phone OS and FM GO 13 (and any updates/downloads are locked out by a team member using MDM before the phone is issued to a participant.


      The participants have been given training on how to close the app once any data entry piece is finished using double click home button and swipe up to close the app.


      The participants have regularly scheduled, monthly, face to face appointments during there entire term but data entry cant just stop for 30 days.


      Trying to coordinate retrieval of a corrupted phone file severely negatively impacts a participants willingness to continue participation in the study.


      I have tried to reproduce the corruption by having the team issue me a phone and testing.


      I have tested scenarios that a participant might encounter/produce in order to cause corruption and have not yet been successful.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to mitigate the corruption?


      Should we try to use FM GO 14 with an FMA 13 built solution?


      Should we look at solutions other than FileMaker for the mobile side?


      Would converting this to an iOS app with the SDK help?


      Anyone from FMINC Engineering that can chime in here?


      The study proponents are desperate for a solution.

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          Filemaker tech support has confirmed  that Fmgo 13 has a memory management problems.  This problem was addressed in Filemaker Go 14.  This issue might be related to your problem.  Since you are still using using Filemaker Go 13 instead of 14 I'm assuming that you are using Filemaker Server 12.  If you are using FileMaker Server 13 or 14 have you tried using FileMaker Go 14?  My experience has been when using FileMaker Server 12, bad things can happen when files don't get closed down properly.  Files should never be left in an open state when users are finished with the files. If a user restarts there iPhone does the corrupt message go away?

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            "The participants have been given training on how to close the app once any data entry piece is finished using double click home button and swipe up to close the app."

            That means that the database was open when FM Go was quit.  it is better to create a Close button/Script that does an Exit Aplication command that closes the database first.

            To prevent errors on FM Go be sure to use the commit step often. a fail save can be to make a backup copy before syncing the file. if the main file crashes use the backup file and a script to overwrite the main file.

            I better like FM Go 14 because you can hide the toolbars to give you more real estate, and you can use fancy icons

            Hope that helps,


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              FMS 13 is the server.

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                I will install a close = exit application button to see if this has any effect for the future.


                Keep suggestions coming please!

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                  I would recommend using FileMaker Go 14.  If you do this keep in mind that FileMaker botched the changes in the toolbars and menubars in filemaker go 14.  You might need to make changes to your scripts.

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                    Using the ios sdk will probably not help your issues corruption, but it will make it easier to distribute your app. 

                    I agree with the other post.   I would add commit record script step right before the close application script step.   I  would recommend FMGo 14 because it does not have the memory leak issue as FMGo 13.    These few changes will most likely eliminate most of your corruption issues.  

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                      I have seen corruption of FMP12 files in FileMaker Go 13. I found two scenarios that led to corruption:

                      1. FileMaker Go crashed while in a script that was updating data (in my case syncing data from a server over a LAN or WAN)
                      2. FileMaker Go was force quit by a user while in a script that was updating data

                      Scenario 1 was more likely to lead to corruption.


                      It's something I never really found a solution for. To mitigate the issue I simplified the syncing scripts as much as I could and in the latest version of the app we have had no issues of corruption reported. Moving to FileMaker Go 14 may also have helped.


                      One other thing that does still lead to file corruption but which may not be relevant to you as you're using GoZync: Partially downloaded files. Sometimes users would try to launch files before they had fully downloaded to their device and that would lead to a corruption error. Sometimes this early open would lead to permanent damage and mean the file had to be deleted and downloaded again.