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Same Email Script – two different results

Question asked by Abingdon on Feb 16, 2016
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FMS 14.3Windows. FMP14.4 Mac, Yosemite.  Outlook 2011 mac.

I have two databases. Each has essentially the same structure. A Layout with a Parent record that shows child records in a portal.


Each has a popover in the portal lines that displays more information about the selected child record. Part of this information is any email address that child record may have.

Next to each email address in the popover is a button with a fairly basic ‘send mail’ script.

Here is the problem. In one database, the Email script creates the email in a new Outlook email window ready for sending (as I wish it to), in the second database, the new email gets created in Outlook’s Drafts folder (which I do not wish it to).

I am running these databases on the same Server and accessing them on the same Mac, nothing changes apart from switching between the two databases.  There are differences between the two scripts but nothing I can see that would affect where the new email gets created.  I am stumped.

Scripts are attached. I would be very grateful for advice and comments as always.