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Maintaining Calculations on Sort Orders?

Question asked by jakrissmittant on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by jakrissmittant

Hello there,


I have probably a novice question regarding a problem I'm having with one of my databases.

Basically I have a Sub-Summary field calculation that is calculating the difference between two other fields from a different layout.


Layout 1:  Contract Log



Layout 2: Contract Invoice



I have a button in Layout 2 "Contract Invoice" that sorts the records by Contract Serial, an entered value I use to keep track of each Invoice.

The Sub-Summary in light gray above shows the requested fields as intended except for the far right one noted as "C".

"C" is a simple calculation:

Contract Log::Contract Amount - Invoice total


I'm just looking for the difference between "B" and "A" above.  However, when sorting records by Contract Serial the calculation "C" is totaling the entire found set total "D" instead of isolating each record and it's sub-summary.