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    user account when using server



      V. Newbie with FM - please excuse post if answer obvious.


      I trialled a app in peer to peer mode, users field populated as expected, with the different users.


      Moved the solution to FMS, now the user field is only showing one name (mine) regardless of who is connected/entering the data - any idea why, how do I sort it (revert the behaviour)?



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          If you entered a global value in before hosting the file, then it will show that value all the time until it is changed, and even when changed, will revert to that value for each new session.


          What methodology are you using to set your user field?

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            Thanks for taking the time to answer,


            To my knowledge, no global field set,

            data :

            Field>user_account   :>  field options> creation=account name


            Each user has their own account authenticated by “local Filemaker File”


            In the peer to peer test, this worked with each record showing the user that entered the data, the only thing I changed was to upload the solution to FMS, are there any setting in FMS that override that behaviour?

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              not unless you're using a server side script to create a record. Do all of your users have filemaker accounts and are logging in each time they open the database?


              account name is the name of the logging in filemaker account.


              What value is being entered, if not the user's account name? Did you set the file to automatically log in, or have guest access?

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                No server sided scripts


                Each user has a FMP licence, and user account/password set in the solution security setting – when accessing the file (not on the server) an account name and password is asked for.


                It is my user name that is always used, don’t know how / where to set for automatic log in

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                  File > File Options is where you set the auto-login. You want to turn that off. It sounds like your user is being used as the auto-login.

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                    There are two "name" values that can be auto-entered for Creation and Modification. I tend to have the "Account Name" and the "Name" both entered (two different fields). This helps. "Name" is the user name on the system being used (desktop, laptop, server, iOS, ...) Several people can login (at the same time) to the same account (although they shouldn't).



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                      That could be it, the options were set to open with my account name, but my details were in the fields – if I take these details out – should that restore the status quo?


                      Beverly – thanks for taking the time


                      This is a in-house solution for a discrete, small no of (desktop) users – each with their own user name/password, so multiple users on the same account shouldn’t happen with the in-house IG processes.