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JDBC Issue - 501 Runtime error (Field failed time value validation test) on Import  (***Resolved***)

Question asked by disabled_morkus on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by disabled_morkus

Hi all,


I was doing a rather simple import of some data to FMP 14 via JDBC when after three successful records imported, I got this error:


com.filemaker.jdbc.FMSQLException: [FileMaker][FileMaker JDBC]  (501): Field failed time value validation test




For some reason, the JDBC "ALTER TABLE ADD [COLUMN NAME] [FIELD_TYPE]* DDL that I used to create the field marked that field as *always validate.*


The first three records had null for the single Timestamp field but the fourth record, which was the cause, had this: 11/01/1990 0:00:00.


It doesn't seem that FileMaker liked the zero time portion - at least not with that validation option.


SOLUTION: I turned off the validation options for that field in FM's field options so it was the default:


Import worked fine for all 20,000 records after that.


- m