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Question asked by tays01s on Feb 17, 2016

A few queries:

When setting privelages:

1. If fields appear in portals I assume I can give no access to the layout/records on which the table is based, but if the fields are edit boxes etc, I need to make the records modfiable?


2. Sometimes I'm basing a popup menu on a UUID or global field, again, do I make these modifiable even though the user can't actually set the value of these fields, but merely change which is viewed?


3. pdf's: I have 3 in interactive container fields all set to 'view'. 2 appear secure in that printing is 'off' and therefore don't download or open in Preview (OSX). However, the 3rd gets a ghost window superimposed with download/ Preview options. Any idea why there would be this option or how to switch it off?


4. Customised privelage sets: Can these be locked to Customise but still allow editing within the general choice of Customise. I accidentally clicked off customise and lost my choices......BIG tears!!