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FMP 14.0.4 still performs poorly under Windows

Question asked by vision on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by vision

I realize there have been many threads discussing FMP/FMS 14 under Windows since its release, and that the 14.0.4 releases addressed these issues.  Sadly, I have to say that FMP/FMS 14.0.4 still does not meet the performance anywhere near FMP/FMS 12 or 13 on the WIndows platform.


We have many unhappy end users who bought newer hardware in the last year, upgrade to FMP/FMS 14 (and updated all computers to the recent 14.0.4 release) and performance is still dog slow.  This is for solutions that ran great under FMP/FMS 12 or 13 on the exact same hardware, but became almost non-usable once FMS14.x was installed.  The recent update is better, but not nearly the performance of FMP/FMS 12/13.  It is particualrly noticeable in offices with Win workstations and mac workstations and even the 6 year old mini mac running FMP 14 performs a task in our solution in less than a second and the Win work station takes 20 seconds running FMP 14.0.4. 


We have down graded many users back to their FMP/FMS 12/13 software and they are happier.  But, it is hard to formulate recommendations for end users purchasing new equipment or needing to expand.


So here are my questions:

- Does FileMaker consider the Windows performance issue under FMP/FMS 14 resolved?

- Are the performance issues Win version specific?  It seems far less noticeable under Win10 than under Win7/8.  But we of course have end users running several flavors of OS in their operations and one of the original benefits of FM was its ability to function on a variety of platforms.


I applaud the effort the FM team puts into their product.  But as a developer since FMP2, FMP/FMS14 has been the most challenging release that has generated the greatest end user displeasure.