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    FMP 14.0.4 still performs poorly under Windows


      I realize there have been many threads discussing FMP/FMS 14 under Windows since its release, and that the 14.0.4 releases addressed these issues.  Sadly, I have to say that FMP/FMS 14.0.4 still does not meet the performance anywhere near FMP/FMS 12 or 13 on the WIndows platform.


      We have many unhappy end users who bought newer hardware in the last year, upgrade to FMP/FMS 14 (and updated all computers to the recent 14.0.4 release) and performance is still dog slow.  This is for solutions that ran great under FMP/FMS 12 or 13 on the exact same hardware, but became almost non-usable once FMS14.x was installed.  The recent update is better, but not nearly the performance of FMP/FMS 12/13.  It is particualrly noticeable in offices with Win workstations and mac workstations and even the 6 year old mini mac running FMP 14 performs a task in our solution in less than a second and the Win work station takes 20 seconds running FMP 14.0.4. 


      We have down graded many users back to their FMP/FMS 12/13 software and they are happier.  But, it is hard to formulate recommendations for end users purchasing new equipment or needing to expand.


      So here are my questions:

      - Does FileMaker consider the Windows performance issue under FMP/FMS 14 resolved?

      - Are the performance issues Win version specific?  It seems far less noticeable under Win10 than under Win7/8.  But we of course have end users running several flavors of OS in their operations and one of the original benefits of FM was its ability to function on a variety of platforms.


      I applaud the effort the FM team puts into their product.  But as a developer since FMP2, FMP/FMS14 has been the most challenging release that has generated the greatest end user displeasure. 

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          Markus Schneider

          there are rendering issues among others. While I'm suffering of end user complaining as well, I was able to nail down some of the issues

          - never use 'hide text ruler', will cause to redraw

          - use layouts with no data/fields to perform actions. Speed boost from minutes to seconds!

          - sad to say that 'classic' is the fastest theme overall (calculating takes less time, that's tue - but rendering takes much more time. Calculating is about 20-30% faster, but there, we're talking about milliseconds, rendering will take seconds..)


          I'm comparing V14 with V11 - and we can't move the V11 solution to 14 because it's way too slow (without re-working)


          I would be so happy if this could be solved

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            Markus Schneider

            forgot to mention (can't edit a posting in this view) that under OSX, V14 runs quite fine - and there are processes that are faster under V14 and Windows - but from the endusers point of view, it's a problem (we are running Windows 8.1 on somewhat weak client hardware, 4GB RAM and no special graphics )card

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              Thank you Markus for the response.  Your findings are exactly the same as ours.  We have several end users who will likely move away from the FM platform because of the marked drop in performance using solutions that previously on the same hardware worked flawlessly in their mind.  I hope a new v14 update is in the works as 14.0.4 clearly does not resolve all the issues.