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Need help with quirky report subsummary calculations

Question asked by JuliaOlsen on Feb 17, 2016

I have a database with a number of tables.  One of the tables tracks courses our participants take by semester, course number, units, grade, and the cost of the course.


I have created a report that provides the semester course number, cost and number of units.


I want the sub-summary to report the semester, total tuition, total # of courses, total # of units, then calculate the cost per course and the cost per unit. Eventually I will remove the body and the report will consist only of the sub-summary sections for brevity.


Screenshot 1 shows that the sub-summary does that.Screen Shot 1.png


The problem is, that it doesn't calculate consistently.  As you see below the costs are not calculated.  All semesters have at least some courses that students take for which there is no cost so those are recorded as "0".  There are a few where I have not yet entered the data so those cost numbers are blank. Calculations are done within the course data table.


What might I be doing wrong to get the odd results?

Screen Shot 2.png