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    Filemaker Database on NFS Server ?


      I use a NFS Server to store stuffs usefull for the whole family.

      One of these, is a FileMaker Pro DataBase.

      When double-clicking on it, FileMaker 14 launchs but opens no window.

      From Filemaker's menu Open… , after selecting the file, Error : the file could not be opened because it is not found !

      With FileMaker Pro 12, no problem and no problem to open pdf, docx… files.


      Any ideas ?


      Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3, FileMaker Pro 14.0.4

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          I found what's wrong. One folder's name in the path to my file contains an accented character. Not a good idea !

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            All the advice from FMI is that you should not host the FMP database on

            the NFS. It is very likely to end up with a badly corrupted database.



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              Thank you for you reply.

              Where do I find advices from FMI about NFS ? I found some discussions 3 or 4 years old, but is there more recent information ?

              Since I suppressed the accented characters in folder's name, my database seems to work nicely but your reply scares me.


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                Thank you for your posts.


                NFS drives are generally slower than a built-in drive, as it has to deal with firewalls, credentials, etc.  If other users also have access to the same NFS drive, you could potentially corrupt a file if the other user tried to open the same file you are accessing (unless using FileMaker peer-to-peer sharing).


                Keep in mind that FileMaker Pro is not like a word processor or spreadsheet where you make all of your changes and then save the document.  That is, FileMaker Pro is constantly accessing and writing data to and from the database file(s).


                If you are the only individual working on the NFS drive, then FileMaker Pro should work, but the performance may be a factor.



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