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    Fetch data from related table


      Hi guys,


      I have an "Estimates" table.  The "To" field is related to a client list in a related table.


      I want to select from the client table list and once selected, the "Tel" and "Email" fields are automatically populated and the data from all 3 fields it copied into the fields with the same name in the "Estimates" table.


      How do I do that?


      Screenshot 2016-02-17 19.17.04.png

      Screenshot 2016-02-17 19.17.13.png

      Screenshot 2016-02-17 19.17.27.png

      Screenshot 2016-02-17 19.17.34.png

      Screenshot 2016-02-17 19.21.43.png

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          here is one way using auto enter calculations.

          Change the drop down in estimates to a different client and it does what you ask.

          You will need to ask what client data do you want to capture in the estimates table over time?


          i.e when you create an estimate and establish the client for the estimate using the method herein you will get the state of the client at the time the relation is established.


          If client attributes change the values in estimates about the client state will be different.