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"AND" find on single field

Question asked by smith7180 on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by smith7180

Let's say I have a database with contacts.  One table is contacts.  Another table is tags.  Contacts is related to tags in the standard primary-foreign key way.  Each contacts can have multiple tags.  Tags are displayed in a portal.  I enter a new tag for a customer on the last row (which creates a new record in the Tags table).  All really standard stuff.


Lets say I have two tags at the moment.  Customer and vendor.  Some Contacts are tagged customer, some vendor, some both.  I want to find customer tagged with both. 


I go into find mode.  I can only enter one value into the tag field.  If i create a new request, it will perform an OR search (ie contacts that are tagged vendor OR customers).  How do i find contacts that are tagged vendors AND contacts.  My expectation would have been that I could use a boolean operator in the field (ie input "customer" AND "vendor"), or that I could somehow create an "AND" request, not an "OR" request.