Calculate yearly difference in income by month

Discussion created by jared944 on Feb 17, 2016
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Hello everyone,


I am looking to create a filemaker database that will analyze the monthly income of a business. Specifically, I want to compare months and calculate the net additional income or loss the business has sustained that month. If there is a net increase of a certain amount a%3100bout projected than I want to issue a bonus to my employees.


I will have a field that has an amount and a field in the same record that has a date. Lets take January for example:


January 15 2013          $67,100

January 15 2014          $70,200     Net Increase      $3,100

January 15 2015          $69,200     Ned Decrease    $1,000


The only way I imagine I can do this is with a script that looks at the previous year and runs a calculation to put a value in the increase/decrease field. Any ideas would be appreciated.