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Sum vs Summary

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Feb 18, 2016
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Two related tables. The child table contains records of transactions with fields for the transaction date, the name of the branch where the sale took place, and  the extended total amount of the sale. The parent table will contain fields showing the totals for each branch in the current year. The tables are linked by a code for the branch name and a calculated field containing the year of the transaction (matched to a calculation for the current year in the parent table).


There seems to be two ways to calculate the year to date sales totals for each branch:

  • Using a summary field in the child table (which is filtered for the branch and current year by the relationship).
  • Using a calculated field in the parent table (in which the Sum function is used to add the extended totals for all matching records.


I am wondering if there is any performance improvement or other benefit between the above techniques.