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Trigger Auto-enter, self referenced field

Question asked by NickChristie on Feb 18, 2016
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Hello everybody!


I have a global field used as a radio button list which upon user choice, triggers a script [OnObjectSave]. And in case the user shift-clicks and clears the value, i've made it auto-enter with self reference so it can re-enstate itself with a default value (If ( IsEmpty ( Self ); "Default Value"; Self ).

The problem now is that i'm trying to re - set the last value the field had when i enter the layout, in order to trigger the script. There are no triggers at layout enter. I'm opening a new window for that layout.

I have tried the Set field[ ], Replace Field Contents[ ] and Refresh Object [ ] to radio button object itself with no luck at all. The script is not firing at all.


Any ideas? I'm stuck...

Really thanx in advance!