Value List Second Field!

Discussion created by NickChristie on Feb 18, 2016
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Hello Everybody!


I have a value list based on: 1. First Field - a primary key of a related table and 2. Second Field - a calculation field (First & last name) or a text field on the same related table with the "Show only values from second field" checked. Ta list works fine when it clicked and displays the Names correctly exept when you choose the desired name and close the list, it displays the primary key (which is the one actually saved).


Is there any other way to display ONLY the Name (but save the id for relational purposes) ?. And by other, i mean the old trick of hiding the value list in back and align a new field the the name (not editable in browse mode) on top of the value list?


I'm daring to ask since i think it is old any maybe someone has build another workaround about it.


Thank you very much in advance.