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    switching to filemaker go


      When purchasing filemaker go, can our FMpro 14.0.4 server based database be accessed?

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          Connecting to a file via FileMaker Go | FileMaker


          Yes, you can connect your iPad / FM Go to a hosted database. The above information gives you steps on how to do this.

          A couple of things to remember:

          1. You have to be able to connect to the internet.

          2. On the server, you have to purchase "concurrent licenses". This allows a connection to the hosted database. Every server license, I believe, comes with one concurrent connection. You can purchase more through Server in packs of 5.

          3. FM Go is free, by the way.

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            If you are concerned about FileMaker Go giving intruders access to your FM 14.0.4 database, I must assume that users already have passwords to connect to the server-host.


            For my clients who use FileMaker Go, getting 'real-time' access to information in their database for the benefit of their clients and employees when on the road is the main point in using FileMaker Go.