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    RGraph JavaScript charting in a WebViewer


      Good day, all. I'm having a bit of a puzzling issue here, and maybe someone can point me to my error.


      It's the first time I've tried to create a JavaScript chart for use in a runtime. (Long story; don't ask.) I connected with the RGraph.net library based on a post from logicurio. So I set it up to contain the libraries in-line (to avoid needing web access), and tried the sample chart that comes with the documentation. This is what I get in the browser (IE, Chrome, and FireFox):




      But this is what I get in the Web Viewer:




      Okay, so, is there something special about the canvas tag that the Web Viewer doesn't like? I copied and pasted the exact output of the Web Viewer calculation into an HTML document, and it works fine, so I know it's not purely the code. The only wrinkle is that I need to use the data URL method in the Web Viewer to get this much to show up. (If I don't, I get raw code.)


      Any ideas what I might be doing wrong here?





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