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    Webdirect 14 - URL passing script not working


      According to the Webdirect 14 manual you can pass script and parameters through the opening URL:


      http://<host>/fmi/webd#<database name>[?script=<script name>[&param=<script parameter>][&<$variable name>=<value>]]



      I can open the database with no problems if I just use the database name ( http://myip/fmi/webd#test) . However, when I try to open with a specific script I get a message indicating the database is not available.


      My url is: http://myip/fmi/webd#test?script=Test


      The script Test does exist. It's a simple script that pops up a dialog so I know it's working.


      What am I doing wrong? Been mucking around with this for hours.



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