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Date Field in layout

Question asked by jatowle on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by nicolai

Hi All,

you all are so helpful so here is my question.


I have a date field in a layout that is pulling from an external data base lets call it table 'A' and I have a date filed in a table native to FileMaker lets call that  table 'B' these to tables are related in FileMaker. so what I want to do is if the date field in table 'B' is blank I want it to populate with the date field from table 'A' the point of this is so I can modify the date in table 'B' if needed and do a find in table 'B'. I have tried writing a simple if statement ....if(modified due date ≠ 0;table'A"::original Due Date)




I am using FM 14 and FM server 14 on windows