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    Date Field in layout


      Hi All,

      you all are so helpful so here is my question.


      I have a date field in a layout that is pulling from an external data base lets call it table 'A' and I have a date filed in a table native to FileMaker lets call that  table 'B' these to tables are related in FileMaker. so what I want to do is if the date field in table 'B' is blank I want it to populate with the date field from table 'A' the point of this is so I can modify the date in table 'B' if needed and do a find in table 'B'. I have tried writing a simple if statement ....if(modified due date ≠ 0;table'A"::original Due Date)




      I am using FM 14 and FM server 14 on windows




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          In the Field Options for the due date field in table B use Auto-enter tab and check the Calculated Data checkbox and specify calculation Table_A::Due_date.




          Table A and table B have to be related for this to work, but this seems to be the case based on your screenshot.