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WebDirect 13 & 14 Issues

Question asked by ontarget on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by mikebeargie

I would like to ask FileMaker support to provide developers with a list of WebDirect issues.  Over the last several months I've reported that WebDirect has been crashing, showing the spinner for an excessive amount of time, and then crashing many times where the user has to go back and reboot the application on the server. In addition to that, Web direct is not a WYSIWYG application when taken from the Mac to the server the developers required to do extensive changes to text fields, field headers, and buttons were text is not aligned, or is changed on the server. This seems like a simple thing to fix so that what you do on the Mac looks the same on the server.  It's not just a 15 minute fix to correct the text could take hours of tedious changes.

I have clients currently using WebDirect that are contacting me every few days to see when these issues are going to be remedied.

These users do not use iPads to editing input data, they want to use a desktop computer with a keyboard and a browser to access WebDirect.