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    Problem with Filemaker Go


      I have a problem with the following in posting from a teaching schedule to student attendance records only with Filemaker Go.  My posting routine works perfectly with Filemaker 14 Advanced and Webdirect.  Records are transferred via a loop from the second portal to the first through a series of set fields.  For whatever reason in FileMaker Go, I cannot post any records to 'student attendance', even manually using this format..  I can't figure this out.  The error I sometimes get has to get with 'another window is busy'???  There is only one window open.


      The primary table on the layout is a teacher table with records relating to it.


      Steve Shiman


      Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 7.39.19 PM.png

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          Thank you for your post.


          What occurs when you try to "manually" post to 'student attendance'?  Do you get an error message?  Does the error message occur for a specific field?  Are you not able to paste into a field?


          Are you accessing the file with [Full Access] privileges?  If not, what privileges do you have for the tables; especially 'student attendance"?  Are the scripts set to run with [Full Access]?



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            The problem turned out be an IPad upgrade I had not downloaded.  Apparently there was a problem that was corrected.  It is Ok now.


            I appreciate the reply.


            Steve Shiman