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FMP/A 14 - Style Loss/ Inconsistencies

Question asked by mardikennedy on Feb 18, 2016
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Has anyone else had style definitions 'drop out' over time?  (Once only for me so far, but dreading that it might become more common.)


Background:  solution created in FMPA 13, with custom theme.  Some styles are Helvetica based; others are Verdana based.


Description:  one style is specifically Verdana 16 - been used, probably unchanged, for over 12 months.  Currently only applied to one merge field, on various layouts.  Yesterday, it suddenly started displaying as Helvetica 14-ish - ***but only in Browse mode***.  It continues to display as Verdana 16 in Layout mode.


It's not font corruption at OS level - Verdana 16 displays fine in other apps.  It's not font corruption at the FMP level - Verdana 16 displays in a brand new solution.  It is specific to this solution.  Note:  the other verdana based styles in this custom theme continue to display verdana correctly.


I have tried importing the theme from a backup file but the 'helvetica in Browse mode' problem persists.


It is very disconcerting when a defined style simply 'changes'.  There is no conditional formatting involved.  No layout triggers, or script triggers.


Sound familiar to anyone?


Obviously, my preferred alternative is to have the correct display in Browse mode.  I am continuing to experiment with changing the definition to see if a good enough alternative will 'stick' but this all takes time, and this is something that I would have preferred to have been spending on productive work.


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