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number field formatting in text calculations

Question asked by mhd2307 on Feb 18, 2016
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Got a question about formatting number fields in concatenated text calculations.


There is a field called REN_SALES, which is defined as a number field.

On the layout I used the inspector to define how it should look: € sign in front of it, 2 decimals, and using the ‘.’ as the thousand separator.


When I want to use this field in a calculation where text and this field are concatenated, for instance:

“the total amount is “ & REN_SALES & “ and should be paid blabla”

In the calculation result REN_SALES unfortunately loses all of it’s previously mentioned formatting. This leads me to believe that all the formatting is only displayed on the layout in question and that the value of REN_SALES is displayed/handled as a raw number everywhere else.


I’d like to know how I can set or preserve the required formatting of number fields in text calculations.


Thank you.