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    Required "Repost" feature


      Dear All,


      I just got a idea about Repost option is there in FileMaker (Jive) Community, It will help for all kind of community users!!


      Why because some of Post we already posted, no one response at the time means, again they want to put a new post with same content. So here if 'Repost' option there means we can avoid duplicate posts.


      If surely helps to reduce the same post repetitions on community ever!


      Hope that Helps,


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          Hi Suresh,


          That does sound like a great idea -- but we can't control what features Jive makes available. Right now we're on version 7 of the Jive on-premise hosted platform. We are working on moving to version 8.


          It's useful for me to be aware of the kinds of features you'd like to see in our community, but if you want to influence Jive's direction, here's the place to go:


          Space: Ideas for Jive | Jive Community


          Note that this is Jive's Jive community, and requires a separate (free) membership.





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            Rather than "repost", I'd like greater SORTING/FILTERING of post and/or link to posts with no comments. A Filter by no replies (whether you are following or not) perhaps? many forums have this feature. I haven't looked on Jive heip for this feature.



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              I just noticed that there is a "repost" link under status updates. So if Mark posts to his status, I can "Repost" (presumably) to another space/place.