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    Record is in use




      In my DB solution I use some new Windows to view or edit ContainerFields.


      I have a main Layout (client) with a Portal (Questions), which has a button.


      This button GoToRelatedRecord in new window, so I get a window with a layout based on Questions with a Portal containing Documents.



      It works nearly perfectly, only that FM tells me that the record is in use, because in the main window I'm still editing the record. I've tried with gotofield or save changes to record, but then the gotorelated record does not work no more....




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          Can you post the script called by the button?

          Are you passing any parameters when calling the script?

          Is the button in the portal row or on the parent layout?


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            The Button script simply says


            GoToRelatedRecord (from Table: portal_table; layout: View_doc (portal_table); NewWindow)


            No parameters are being passed


            The button sits in a portal row


            Thanx for your help

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              On the fly.  Your Parent record is open and looking at the Child record, your Child record is open.  Therefore you cannot edit it.  Maybe you should set a variable from your Portal (the Child record's ID), commit the Parent record, then open a new window in the layout you want to see the Child record in and use the variable in a  'Find' script there.

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                agreed! it need to be a script not a script step. You can pass parameter (if needed). Commit the record before actually GTRR, so that the related record is editable.



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